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December 10, 2019

This past Sunday, HBO’s Silicon Valley said goodbye to its loyal viewers forever. The half-hour comedy focused around San Francisco’s tech scene first aired in 2014 and was created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky. The show follows Richard Hendricks (Th...

January 15, 2019

The classic multi-camera Situational Comedy with its simple beginnings is no longer cutting it in an overflowing sea of complex content. In order to gain some further insight into the field, I sat down with a prominent director in the medium, Joel Zwick.

The 11-year per...

September 25, 2018

From the moment Sharp Objects was first announced, I was already all in. Jean-Marc Vallée is one of my favorite contemporary directors, so I wasn't going to miss his second HBO series. Vanish, the series’ pilot, oozes an immediately recognizable tone of wasted dreams a...

June 1, 2018

Check out this panel I was on at USC's Trojanvision show, Platforum, about the livelihood of broadcast television!

Yay that's me! goodbye!

October 1, 2017

Hey y'all!! So, considering I'm currently taking a course on the style of Steven Spielberg, I have decided (selfishly) to write a post about each film that's a part of my curriculum. Honestly, I'm really doing this, so that I'll have a dope study guide for the midterm/...

September 18, 2017



Just to get this out of the way, this is an especially weird post for me; since I started working with Paramount and HBO, I've learned that objectivity may sometimes be considered a conflict of interest. I don't have any professional ties to Ame...

August 2, 2017

Having not watched even one episode from the current season, I can still proclaim my love for this sitcom. New Girl is actually funny. I am FULLY emotionally invested in the characters; namely Schmidt, Nick, and Jess. Schmidt, in my opinion, is one of those classic com...

July 6, 2017


Not gonna lie, I started watching this show for Justin Theroux. I saw the intriguing street advertisements back in 2014 whilst in Spain and they gave me the extra nudge I needed to tune in. The premise of the show was weird and cool and different; on...

July 3, 2017

I was reluctant at first, but I adopted a #DoItForTheBlog mentality. And, you know what, after that Gypsy monstrosity, Glow was exactly what I needed. Its 10 light-hearted, thirty minute episodes were an absolute breeze to binge. It's witty, funny, and about as refresh...

July 1, 2017


Hello again, fellow bingers. It's been a while, I know, and we have a lottttttt of catching up to do. First things first, I'm starting a new thang--munchie of the moment--basically I have loads of TV shows that I love watching because of their, as I...

January 10, 2017



My brother wasn't the most studious child. He didn't read much. That being said, there was one series that was always on his nightstand. A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was corky and strange. Then there was a movie. It was also...

November 21, 2016


 People reallly like this show; Critics, moms, and serial netflixers too! While I can appreciate the aspects of the show that are universally favored, it certainly wasn't the best show I've seen.

First of all, the series is seven seasons. That i...

October 7, 2016


This show is, if I put it bluntly, an over-hyped knockoff of Shawshank Redemption with a hint of Escape from Alcatraz.  It started off with so much momentum, but by the end, that momentum was long gone. 

Let's break it down se...

September 25, 2016


In the wake of this show's 7 billion Emmy wins, I decided that this Ryan Murphy original was worth a binge. Boy, was I right! I certainly wasn't disappointed by the 10-episode limited series. I was very impressed by everything, ranging from the perf...

September 19, 2016

So, the Emmys were last night. Let's discuss...Our host, Jimmy Kimmel, did pretty well for himself. While he didn't achieve too many BIG laughs, he definitely got the job done. it almost felt like a lot of his jokes were tailored to his specific fans.

Those of you that...

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