Last night, I illegally (Thanks, MegaShare) watched all six episodes of The Night Manager. It. Was. AMAZING. I can’t quite get my finger on why I loved it so much. Maybe it was Hugh Laurie with a British accent. That happens to be his native accent, but I know him from House, so it’s different for me. I know a lot of actors. I spend so much time on IMDB that it should be illegal. I feel like it’s important that I know as much as I can about film and television because I hope to be on it someday—or at least that’s the excuse I tell myself to defend the 25 hours a day I spend on Netflix.

Okay, so back to The Night Manager. It stars Tom Hiddleston who you either know as Thor’s evil brother, Loki, or as Taylor Swift’s next victim—I mean beau. I knew of Tom Hiddleston way before this whole T-Swift debacle. Let’s just get this out of the way, I’m not exactly a “Swiftie.” Everyone she dates, I end up liking less which is really annoying because I really like Tom Hiddleston. He was charming, attractive, and European, so there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Now, he has been reduced to a pop-stars new boy-toy and I can’t help but hate him for it. I had so much respect for this man. Gone. I read that him dating Swift may hurt his chances at becoming the next Bond. Weirdly, that made me happy—he should somehow be punished for dating a serial dater. It’s like he’s asking for a bad breakup song. It’s not like these two will get married. Right? Please, someone tell me I’m right.

Okay, so back to The Night Manager. It has sex, violence, murder, scandal, crime, justice, and international affairs. Appealing, huh? Well, it surpassed all of my expectations. Of course, I watched this in the wake of its 7 Emmy nominations, so I already knew it would be good, but I didn’t know it would be this good. You know that feeling when you’re watching something that you can tell is good, but it’s good for a critic? This wasn’t that. This was something that a normal, average Joe, every-day person can watch and love. It was six hours of footage and I ate it all up like it was a tub of Ben & Jerry’s on my period. So much about it reminds me of The Departed; the Marty Scorsese masterpiece that is one of my FAVORITE movies of ALL TIME. It wasn’t police corruption, or mob mentality, but it was corporate corruption and an undercover agent. I’m telling you, I was curled up in bed, tugging on my sheets for dear life, praying that Jonathon Pine/Jack Linden/Tom Quince/Andrew Burch would persevere. Hugh Laurie did his best “I smell a rat” scene.

Not as well as Jack, but I appreciated the parallels. Major differences though; Costello is more over-the-top than Laurie’s Richard Roper. Roper seems a bit hard to read. The viewer feels that he knows it’s Hiddleston’s character because of the dramatic irony, but then he seems so quick to believe Burch. His intentions for the character seemed a little muddled, but hey, what do I know? I’m just your average 17-year-old viewer.


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