Narcos is a show that EVERYONE has been telling me to watch since its release. So that's what I did--I watched it. I had high expectations for the "based on a true story" Netflix series. Some of my expectations were met.

First off, Narcos reconnects you with your high school Spanish. You'll watch one episode and believe that you've gained fluency.

Secondly, they talk about Medellín an awful lot. For the average Entourage fan and the below average geography student, Medellín is an actual Columbian city, not just the title of Vinny's failed Escobar project. I know that now.

Narcos is the highly addictive, half-true tale of Pablo Escobar's day-to-day dealings and disorderly conduct. It's exactly what you would anticipate from a show about the world's most famous drug lord; cocaine, sex, corruption, murder, crime, a lot of cocaine, the word gringo, guns, a shit-ton of coke, measuring things in kilos, coke labs in obscured jungles, betrayal, and cocaine. Quick PSA: this show makes you consider doing cocaine, and by consider, I mean cocaine looks like the coolest drug on the planet. (Besides Netflix with it's highly addictive properties that are seriously comparable with blow)

The show is told through a blond-from-a-bottle DEA agent's perspective. And you guessed it, he's a gringo! For those of you like me and don't know things, a gringo is just a name for an American. The folklore goes that the US invaded Mexico with their obvious green uniforms and the natives would cry out, "Green go home!" Green go became gringo. You're welcome. Should I consider being a history teacher? Maybe...

Boyd Holbrook narrates the show with his sexy, manly, musky, masculine voice as Steve Murphy, the real-life DEA agent who brought Pablo to his knees. You may know him as Jeff in Gone Girl, Denton Smith in Milk, or what I knew him from, David in Very Good Girls. In Very Good Girls he played the object of two girls' affection--Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning. Peep: Holbrook and Olsen became a real life couple after the movie and were actually engaged to be married, until they weren't. Sorry, I like celebrity couples. His character is pretty one-dimensional. He's married, he sucks at Spanish, and he fucking hates Pablo Escobar.

His partner, Javier Peña, is portrayed by Pedro Pascal. Javier is way cooler than Murphy; he speaks Spanish, he's not married, and he's a lil bit more crooked than his other half. You may know Pedro Pascal from a little known television show called GAME OF THRONES. Pascal is known by me and many other dedicated thrones fans for his role as Oberyn Martell. If you don't remember this scene every time you see his face, you're doing it wrong. Famous last words: "You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!" Oh thrones pleasantries! #NeverForget

Just a BTW, you CANNOT text, snapchat, or multi task while you watch this show. I know you got an A+ in high school Spanish, but real Spanish speakers talk fast as shit and if you look down for ONE SECOND, I swear to God, you miss like a week of dialogue. This show demands your full attention and if you don't give it, expect to be replaying scenes over and over again.

Regardless, the show is awesome and deserves a binge. Season two will be streaming September 2nd. Stream ya l8r!

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