For my first ever 'Show of the Month' I decided to go with the new Netflix original, Stranger Things. Set in 80s Indiana, the show focuses on its central themes of friendship, family, and fear. It manages to incorporate nostalgia and monsters seamlessly without being über cheesy. The binge-worthy, eight episode first season is well-acted, well-written, and well-produced.

This show will have you dripping of tears, screaming in horror, and hollering with laughter. I've never felt so many complex emotions from one show.

Winona Ryder leads the cast as a sorta psychotic, borderline insane, definitely anxious mother, Joyce. It's a role not very out of her comfort zone. (i.e. The Crucible, Heathers, and Girl, Interrupted) Joyce's youngest son, Will, vanishes into thin air and after his disappearance, strange things start happening. By strange, I mean supernatural, impossible, weird, and terrifying. Joyce is in a similar situation to Susanna--Ryder's character in Girl, Interrupted--in that everyone thinks she's crazy, so even though the audience knows that she isn't, she has no credibility. It's an infuriating complex.

However, I watched all eight episodes in under 24 hours; it's gripping, and the story-telling aspect is ON POINT. My eyes were peeled to the screen, anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Whether it was the teen romance, the tween romance, the friendship goalz, the monsters, or the 80s music, I didn't want to depart from my computer screen. I was so obsessed that I watched it on my phone in the doctor's waiting room.

Check it out for yourself! Have fun and try not to shit yourself during the scary parts.

Good luck!

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