Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are arguably my favorite people on the planet. Also, they are very, very, pretty. In this film, they fall in love and it is just as adorable, charming, and perfect as you'd expect.

There is a significant conflict to explain, but can we take a moment to appreciate?

Chris Pratt's character, Jim, wakes up 90 years too early on his journey to a new planet. He spends a year alone, without anyone to talk to, goes a little nuts, falls in love with sleeping beauty (literally her name is Aurora), and decides he doesn't have to be alone anymore. He wakes up Jennifer Lawrence's character and she assumes that her "pod" (hibernation chamber/how they stay the same age and physicality on a 120 year journey) malfunctions. Aurora asks Jim what the ship has to offer and Jim shows her around in what is the most adorable montage ever.

The overall cuteness is emphasized due to the fact that the audience previously saw Jim do all of the activities alone. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY ARE! #Goalz

Things are going pretty great for Jim and Aurora, so they decide to turn up the heat. Jim uses his mechanical skills to officially ask Aurora out and she "lovingly" accepts. So, for their first date, in typical chick-flick fashion, we have the "wow" moment. For those of you who do not understand the "wow" moment, here is a quick explanation: Boy picks up girl for date. Boy sees girl walking towards him. Girl looks breathtaking. Boy utters, "wow" because it is the only reaction he can muster for the beauty before him.

The first date was a success. The romance blossoms, but it can't be all flowers in rainbows for these two.

Eh! You see what I did there?! #Punny

Yes there are flowers on a space ship. There's like a whole garden and shit. All thanks to the science done by Matt Damon, the botanist in The Martian.

Anyways, Aurora still doesn't know that Jim has doomed her to his fate. You didn't really think that wasn't gonna come up again, right? Well it does--by a robot--and Aurora isn't amused.

Begin the montage of lonesome moments...



...So, the ex-lovers are finally forced to reunite because there is some shady shit going on and they've gotta work together to fix it. Plus, another guy's pod malfunctions and he wakes up. Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, Apocalypse Now) plays a short-lived pilot who holds the key to solving the mystery behind the many malfunctions of a seemingly unsinkable ship.

This is not the only Titanic allusion. Surprise, surprise! Jim decides that he has no choice but to risk his life for the 5,000 passengers aboard and Aurora exclaims something eerily similar to "You jump, I jump."

Overall, I enjoyed Passengers. It was romantic enough to see with your single friends, so you can all fantasize about what it's like to not be forever alone and it had just enough sci-fi for the boyfriends and brothers of the world to not want to kill themselves.

Go see Passengers!!

In theaters NOW!!!!

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