Wow. I found the preview for this film whilst stalking Ansel and his gorgeous, dancer girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan, on Instagram. I was instantly intrigued; Cinderella, Don Draper, Django, and KEVIN FUCKING SPACEY. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'd know that Kevin Spacey's name was enough to excitedly send me to the movie theater. I'm glad it did. Baby Driver was fucking dope.

If ever there was a perfect role for Ansel Elgort, it is Baby--or as it's later revealed--Miles. Music was central to the theme of the film; it served as Baby's escape, his mood, and it also happened to be where his passion lied. Unless you're as obsessive and cyber-stalkery as I am, then you may not know that Ansel went to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in NYC. I really only know this because I was obsessed with LaGuardia when I was younger--I wanted to go there soo bad and I've had a few LaGuardia friends tell me stories. Anyways, Ansel's training at LGA made him a pretty learned dancer, actor, and singer. His moves and rhythm are apparent in his opening lip-dub. Ansel also happens to make music just like Baby under the EDM alias, Ansolo (Peep: I met him at EZoo right after TFIOS came out...Also, Ansolo is a hype DJ name).

Frankly, there's not much to distinguish Ansel from Baby except *hopefully* the life of crime and especially traumatic childhood. But I have no complaints--Ansel is a heartthrob by all accounts. *UPDATE* Okay, I honestly just spent like 3 hours stalking Ansel and found out he dropped Ansolo and is making music under his actual name now. I rly don't know how to feel about it. This is his music video for Thief with his unreal girlfriend, Violetta.

I know this is an incredible tangent, but this song and video make me so uncomfy. I just don't buy that Ansel is a Thief or that he has all of that angst. He should play more to his strengths; his charm, sense of humor, and his more adorable, boy-next-door nature rather than this punk-rock, angry, untrustworthy persona. That being said, Baby pulls off being angsty and dangerous because the audience understands how he got that way and the juxtaposition with truly despicable characters enhances his heart of gold.

Okay, Leah. Just shut up and tell us what this movie is about. (CONDENSED SUMMARY)

Baby is a driver, but not for Uber. He's a getaway driver with an incredible talent for reading lips. He also carries around vintage tape recorders and multiple iPods (If you don't know what an iPod is, please close this window). Baby also records conversations, not because he's a rat, but because he turns them into some dank beatz. The audience is thrusted into the storyline at an incredibly high velocity and it's immediately exciting. We meet his fellow group of bandits, flash-forward to the initial robbery, and end the first sequence with a dope car chase. I sincerely appreciated Edgar Wright's glorious attention to detail; Every cut, movement, and conversation was set to a beat and flowed with beautiful rhythm.

Here's where excitement meets conflict; Turns out Baby's being blackmailed by Kevin Spacey's character because, when he was younger, he uncharacteristically stole Spacey's car (Still don't get that) and Spacey is letting him pay his dues by being a getaway driver. He only has one more drive before he's square with Spacey and can quit the life of crime. Insert Lily James' character, Debora...the waitress at the diner Baby's late mother used to work. They instantly connect and they go on their first date to a laundromat (sooooo Ross and Rachel). I couldn't help but notice the fact that the linens inside the laundry machines formed a pattern; alternating red, blue, and yellow--the primary colors. Don't know if that was stylistic or symbolic, or nothing at all, but it was memorable...Maybe to show Deborah as the purest form of color in Baby's life. <3 :)

Baby completes his "last drive," but you didn't really think that it'd be his last, right? It's only been like 30 minutes! Happily ever after couldn't fill up an hour and a half. So, Baby is forced to drive again, but reeeaally doesn't want to. Instead, he wants to drive far, far away with Deborah, in a car he can't afford. His fellow team members sense his hesitation and tensions run high. New alliances are formed, enemies are made, and shit goes down. It's incredibly action-packed and has a killer soundtrack to boot.Though he doesn't belong in crime or want to be a criminal, circumstances force him to go over to the dark side. As the film progresses, Baby loses more and more innocence (irony!) until he has no more to lose. Can he pull himself out from the influence of dark forces or will he drag Debbie down with him?

See for yourself if Baby and Deborah get to drive off into the sunset!!

Baby Driver in theaters NOW!!

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