Having not watched even one episode from the current season, I can still proclaim my love for this sitcom. New Girl is actually funny. I am FULLY emotionally invested in the characters; namely Schmidt, Nick, and Jess. Schmidt, in my opinion, is one of those classic comedic characters; on par with the Ari Gold's and Michael Scott's of the televerse. 

Schmidt is a truly absurd individual. He refers to all those younger than him as "youths," he over-ennunciates every word, and has a douchebag jar to hold him accountable for all of the douchey things he says. There is nothing else like him. You may recognize him from AHS (That's American Horror Story if you didn't get the reference).

Nick is the one you probably have a crush on. Jake Johnson has this intangible quality that is so fucking attractive. I can't even explain it. Basically, Nick is a total loser with no prospects or aspirations, but he has a heart of gold that you love him for. It always seems like he's on the brink of success or adulthood, but he never quite reaches it. 

Cece is a model and Jess' best friend. She is the most grounded and normal of the bunch. She isn't super interesting or funny as a stand-alone character, but she brings a necessary energy to the group dynamic. She's on the show to even out the boy:girl ratio and as a platform for Schmidt's comedic gold.

I've honestly really grown to love Winston AKA: Winnie da Bish. He has undergone the most dramatic character change. He went from a jobless, perpetually single dude to a cop with an amaaazing partner. He's so mushy. Look at him!

Jess, the actual "new girl," is both the weirdest and cutest individual simultaneously. She is intensely dramatic, incredibly silly, and unbelievably sweet. She really cares about everyone and everything around her--sometimes even too much. Oh, and she ABSOLUTELY SUCKS at relationships. It's painful to watch relationship after relationship crash and burn. The way she handles herself is so peculiar and strange, you just have to love her for it. 

AYY Damon Wayans Jr. can you decide if you're on this show or not?!? I'm confuzzled. 


The setup is similar to Friends. Four friends live together and, with the addition of Cece, they drink lots of alcohol, make simple situations very, very complicated, and play True American. It's a good time, but the reason you really stick around is because you wanna see your favorite characters find happiness. And by happiness, I of course mean fall in love with the characters we want them to fall in love with.

Ahhh...good ol' JeNicka (is this couple name legal? It's the best I could do). Honestly, this was probably the greatest kiss I have ever seen in my entire life. Jess and Nick are your typical will-they-wont-they couple. They're on and off, but if you're like me, you know THEY'RE MEANT TO BE.

I'm not even going to try to make a couple name for Schmidt and Cece. CeSchmidt? No. ok. Well, they're perfect because Cece somehow manages to accept Schmidt for the total weirdo he is. And who doesn't just love Schmidt's lovingly racist advances towards Cece?! (Beautiful brown goddess, etc.)

 WinstAly is a newer couple for me, but they seem to work, so I'm d.

If you don't already watch New Girl, you probably should. I heard there's like one more season left, so check it out before it's too late! It's available to stream on Netflix!

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