Hey y'all!! So, considering I'm currently taking a course on the style of Steven Spielberg, I have decided (selfishly) to write a post about each film that's a part of my curriculum. Honestly, I'm really doing this, so that I'll have a dope study guide for the midterm/final etc. ha ha ha. So, the first thang we're supposed to watch for this class is "Eyes," the pilot of the Rod Sterling show, The Night Gallery.

Honestly the whole thing felt like what would've happened if Alfred Hitchcock directed an episode of Black Mirror. Spielberg was a young hotshot at this point and for one of his first gigs, he got to work with Joan Crawford. Shit.

As far as Eyes goes it's on par with The Twilight Zone's ominous undertones with a more filmic quality. It was so Hitchcockian; from the cutting and extreme close-ups, to the intricate staging. This was some of his earliest work, so it makes sense that he was still forming his own style.

Condensed Summary:

Claudia Menlo is a rich, old bitch. She has been blind forever and she wants to see. There's a surgery she's read up about to give her sight, but only for 12 hours---the cost? Tonz of dough and a living mans actual eyes.

She finds a fat man who was up to his weight in debt; he is so desperate for money that he's willing to part with his sight for a sum that seems so trivial in comparison. The doctor is very reluctant to do the surgery because it is immoral, but Claudia blackmails him. Apparently the good doctor isn't very good to his wife; Claudia has proof of his infidelity.

So, the doctor performs the surgery and it seems to have gone well until Claudia removes her bandages; darkness. The infinite darkness that has plagued Claudia for the entirety of her life becomes her; she drowns in it until it puts her to sleep.

When she wakes up again, she sees the light; the beautiful light. Colors! Beauty! Everything! But, NO. It vanishes as quickly as it appears. She plunges back into the darkness, visually and literally. Can someone say KARMA?

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