For me, this movie was neither great nor terrible. It was what I would consider to be a passable film. Why? Well, you know the fate of Lou-Jean and Clovis Poplin too soon. There was no way they would ever get away with stealing a car, crashing it, kidnapping a cop, hijacking a cop car, and stealing a cop's weapon without any repercussions. The characters may have been stuck in this delusional fairy tale, but the audience wasn't, so the action unfolded rather slowly.

Condensed Summary:

The film opens on Kate Hudson's mama; she is visiting her hubby, Clovis, in prison wearing incredibly baggy clothes. She goes to the mens bathroom and Clovis follows; I thought that Lou-Jean was just gonna be a raunchy gal, but then she revealed another pair of jeans and a flannel beneath her other pair of jeans and flannel. She has Clovis wear the extra clothes and they LITERALLY just walk out of jail. THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Turns out, the couple is a pair of larcenists and since they had both been locked up, they lost custody to their child and Lou-Jean is desperate to get her baby boy back.

The Poplins hitch a ride with a nice, old couple, but the man behind the wheel drives like all of the worst old people on the planet; he gets pulled over for driving way under the speed limit. Lou-Jean and Clovis freak about the cop because they think he's looking for them, but HE IS NOT. ***MAIN PROBLEM*** If Lou-Jean didn't drive away and leave the cop and the old folks in the wind, then the entire story could've been avoided.

They quickly crash the car and the cop, Slide, goes after them; they get a hold of his gun and kidnap him. They drive unnoticed for a while until they get noticed and there's an unnecessarily large car chase. The Poplins are way out numbered, but the police force can't seem to get the situation under control.

The press got a hold of the chase and the Poplins got instant fame; LJ and Clovis warm up to Slide and they become frands. There is a shootout with a bunch of locals, but they all escape unscathed. Clovis strikes up a deal with Captain Tanner that LJ and Clovis can get their baby and be left alone, but really? Like why on earth would they believe that? "Hey, kids! You committed grand theft auto, kidnapped a cop, and stole his weapon, but you don't have to go to jail like normal people, instead, you can get your baby and live happily ever after!" Straight absurdity and they eat it up too. Stupid protagonists are boring protagonists because they are infuriatingly simple.

By the film's resolution, Clovis is dead, Slide continues working for law enforcement, and LJ goes to prison for 15 months; they never get their baby. The end.

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